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Tim update

20 February 2013

Tim was in the very caring hands of Jax from the Cats Protection. He was in foster care for nearly 4 months waiting for his moment to shine with a caring family. 

We hopefully have given him that moment. We were initially looking for an adult cat that could potentially live with an elderly dog that had not lived, let alone been introduced to a cat. We took the chance with Tim. We are very grateful for that. 

Three days into his adoption he is laid back and very happy with his surroundings. As for Lucy the dog she has accepted Tim as part of the family and both have sat on a sofa with us as if it has been done many times before. 

Also woke up this morning to both Lucy and Tim curled up asleep on the bed........how perfect is that.

Many Thanks to the Cats Protection Charity and all that they do for Cats and re-homing them with the right families that need them.”