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Toby update

20 February 2013

Toby the Hooligan


This is from a lady who adopted Toby from us earlier this year.  Bob is her “ancient” and by the sound of it, long suffering dog.


Toby has settled in very well and pretty much runs the house now. Bob and I just go along for the ride!! Poor Bob has his feet and tail eaten on a regular basis. 

Toby hides and pounces on Bob as he walks past but Bob is so good he just lets him get on with it and then looks at me with a "please let me smack him mummy" look on him..

Every night at around 3am you can pretty much guarantee that Toby will want to be worn as a scarf or hat and I usually wake up either not able to breathe or covered in dribble from all the purring!!!

He is a typical kitten, cannot sit still for five seconds, hence the change of subject title above, he gets in my bookcase and pushes the books on the floor, he gets on the side and there are footprints in the bread and don't even get me started on trying to go to the toilet and Toby sitting in the sink staring!!!

He jumped in the bath while I was having a shower, he won't do that again!!
On the whole you can basically say that Yes Toby has settled in and is quite happy. Bob and I however are completely frazzled but we DO NOT regret our addition to the family and life is good.

He seems to want to go out now as he moans at the back door a lot!!!, he has been in the garden but only when Bob and I are out with him. Going to let him out on Friday afternoon, going to be difficult as if he jumps out, which 

I suspect he will want to, I am going to be panicking until he comes home ( Although I think Bob has plans for us to move on Friday so he can't find us!! )”