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Gary update

08 August 2013

Back in early March I received a call from John at the fish farm in Mildenhall.  He had several feral cats living there, 2 of which hadn’t been neutered.  We had worked on the nearby camping site a couple of years ago and knowing of our work he approached us for help.


So off I went early one cold wet morning to see what could be done.  The cats there are all lovely and come running as soon as John arrives to feed his fish.  Both the cats that needed neutering were there and we managed to grab one and get that into a basket, but we had to give up on the other one as we had well and truly spooked her.


Anyway, Gary as we called the little one we had caught, went off to the vets to be neutered and checked over and was supposed to go off to a farm near Calne.  I say supposed as Gary turned out to be very quiet and we were able to handle him.  It was obvious right from the start that he was a very gentle soul.


Well, after only one week he decided he rather liked regular food, a nice warm dry bed to sleep in and lots of attention from lots of people.  So Gary was fostered firstly by me, then by Jax in her pen and finally by Katherine where he soon got used to an indoor home life.


Everyone that had contact with Gary fell in love with him and he soon became known as Gorgeous Gary.  He is a really sweet natured cat and everyone agreed he needed a really special home.  So once we did get the call from Mary to say she was interested in him, we knew it was going to be a real tough decision to let him go.


I felt really responsible for Gary as he had trusted me enough to know he wanted to be something other than a feral cat, so off I went to do his home visit.  It was a good visit, a lovely home, a lovely family and a garden with mature trees in for Gary to climb if he wanted.  So with a really heavy heart I realised Gary would be leaving us.


He went to his new home in late May, where he soon made friends with Jack the resident cat that at 10 months, was roughly the same age as Gary.  Mary says they charge round the house at all hours playing chase with each other.  Gary loves to take his toy mouse in and out to the garden, it’s his favourite toy.  He never goes far though and often checks to make sure his mum and dad are still there.


Mary says “he really is the most sweet natured cat and we love him so much.  Thank you so much for allowing us to have him.”


Certain cats in branch care do tug at the heart strings and boy did Gary tug at mine.  If we hadn’t already got 3.......................?????


John managed to catch the little feral female eventually and after breaking out of a trap, living loose in our garage for 5 days, being trapped again and neutered, went on to be relocated to a farm near Calne where it is reported she is an excellent ratter.