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Dylan update

20 February 2013

This is from a family in Devizes that have adopted all their cats from our branch


It is a very long time since i have updated you. My apologies!

I am pleased to say that all 3 of "our boys" are OK!

Dylan has calmed down a great deal. He is so Burmese! He is very loving, dog like and insecure! He has to be with one of us all of the time & constantly calls for one of us if he can't find us! He does feel the cold. 

Even at his age (around about 12) he is still kitten like at times. He still has the occasional bad habit - spraying occasionally and can be very destructive and naughty but most are quite endearing now. His stomach is as delicate as ever and we suspect his heart may not be as good as it was. 

When he has the odd coughing session he can suffer like many of us as we age with "letting go" from his backside... it is manageable at the moment! He adores our eldest daughter in particular & can nearly always be found with her or on her bed. 

We have no doubt that he had a very harsh life prior to being with us. He must have been very naughty and demanding (he still is!) but he also shows all the signs of having been heavily and repeatedly physically chastised. 

He can't cope with angry voices and cowers and hides still if there is a sudden unexpected movement. Is he happy? We believe so - we see it as his well earned retirement! He like the rest of us of a similar age battles with his weight but we seem to have his herpes very well under control. He copes well with the younger boys - he dominates Charlie & is submissive to little Fergie!!!

Charlie - the skinny, twitchy tortoiseshell found by the roadside in Wootton Bassett. Charlie was definitely last in the line for the handout of intelligence! He eats shed loads but if he was human would have been diagnosed as hyperactive. None of us can cope with having him on our beds at night - he can manage two hours tops before needing food and then being very active... none of us have ever managed to get him through the night! He is always on the alert & is a real mouser.

He is so loving but it is on his terms. We have never managed to break his habit of being a food raider - nothing is safe on work surfaces. He hasn't got a nasty bone in his body! He is dominated by Dylan but they do love playing together - hurtling up and down the stairs. It never becomes particularly physical which is good as they could really hurt each other.

Fergie - the little Tabby who was a flat cat. Well if ever a cat could have autism then Fergie has it. He is so loving (when the mood takes him) BUT it is so on his terms - he won't give eye contact and gets so passionate that he then becomes aggressive and cross. He pulls away from any kisses or face contact! As the littlest in the house he is the dominant one. 

He and Charlie are very close - they love to play and leave half of their coats all over the house! He whinges when he and Charlie play but he constantly goads Charlie to play!. It's incessant. 

Fergie was always a challenge to manage - he took to being outside like a duck to water - by far the greatest wanderer of the 3!

Unfortunately he went missing for 6 days in November - we looked everywhere for him to no avail and had given up all hope. On day 6 the most pathetic cat you have ever seen appeared at our back door. He had dragged himself from heaven knows where on his 2 front legs - he was filthy, starving and his pads were raw. 

He must have spent days dragging himself home as he would never be away for more than 24 hours. He had a dislocated rear leg and broken pelvis. By sheer luck i had had surgery and was at home and so able to nurse him. 

He has done amazingly well and is fully mobile again. He is much more of a home bird now & very attached to me! Dylan still cowers to Fergie despite the fact he is like Long John Silver.

Well that's the update from us here in Devizes.”